It is often said that ‘all good things come to an end”, but this is one good thing we wish never needed to end.  

Linda Herman joined Masifundise on the 2 January 2002 as Finance Manager and has been our office STAR in more ways than one. Over the past twenty years, she had managed the Masifundise finances with great skill and integrity. She did her job with great love and care. Everyone who encountered her benefitted from her warm, pleasant personality. In addition to being a co- worker, Linda is a friend whose example we can follow and will cherish.

We, together with the Board of Trustees, take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards her commitment and loyal service over the past twenty years. We appreciate the way in which she has guided the organisation in matters of finance and accounts and acknowledge her contribution and work ethic as exemplary. Linda’s presence on staff has helped the organization significantly.

It is our hope that she will be proud of the work she has done – the person she is and the impact she has made on the people she worked with. After years of hard work and dedication, giving 100% + of herself every day, we wish her good health, a peaceful retirement, only happiness and many special moments of enjoyment.

We are going to miss her tremendously.

With great gratitude,

MDT staff and Trustees
April 2022

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