Masifundise facilitates the formation and growth of mass based
community organisations in poor coastal areas. 


Masifundise develops discussion papers that speak in the voice of traditional small-scale
fisher fishers and critically analyses some of the important concepts and definitions
related to fishery policy and management. 

Our Vision

We have a vision of empowered SSF communities with the ability to build
and strengthen their food sovereignty within a more just and democratic
socio-economic and political environment.


Justice for the Vaalplaas Community

Justice for the Vaalplaas Community

On Saturday, 11 December 2021 the Vaalplaas community of Paternoster received their long-awaited title deed handover. The Vaalplaas land claimants tell a story of a series of injustices. The systematic dispossession of their rights and the land settled on by their...

“I am because of small-scale fisheries”, Nico Waldeck

Masifundise Development Trust welcomes Nico Waldeck, experienced community development practitioner in the small-scale sector, as the newest board member. Waldeck worked at Masifundise for over a decade as a Community Development Worker for coastal communities in the...

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