Masifundise facilitates the formation and growth of mass based
community organisations in poor coastal areas. 


Masifundise develops discussion papers that speak in the voice of traditional small-scale
fisher fishers and critically analyses some of the important concepts and definitions
related to fishery policy and management. 

Our Vision

We have a vision of empowered SSF communities with the ability to build
and strengthen their food sovereignty within a more just and democratic
socio-economic and political environment.

Latest News




Remembering Ocean People in celebrating World Oceans Day

The United Nations Ocean Conference 2022 (UNOC2022) will take place from 27 June to 1 July 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference aims to mobilize action and propel science-based innovative solutions directed at starting a new chapter of global ocean action rooted...

Fisher Peoples Tribunal to strengthen the voices of fisherfolk

On 12 April 2022, Masifundise hosted a successful strategy and planning workshop in preparation for a Fisher Peoples Tribunal to take place in 2023. The organisation has worked with rural small-scale fishing communities for the last 20 years, supporting mobilisation...

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