On 3 April 2024 Solene Smith, a cherished member of Coastal Links and a devoted community activist in Langebaan, passed away. She passed away in the early hours of the morning, following a week-long battle in the hospital after a tragic fall.

Solene was a founding member of Coastal Links and active in the fishers’ struggles from the very beginning of Masifundise’s work in fishing communities, unwavering in her commitment to advancing the struggles of small-scale fishers. She was a strong woman and fisher leader in her community and fought for the rights of small-scale fishers until the very end.

Beyond her role in the fishing community, Solene’s impact echoed throughout Langebaan and the West Coast. She was a beacon of compassion, fostering numerous children, organizing soup kitchens to feed the hungry, and played an active role in fighting gender-based violence.

Our hearts ache as we extend our deepest condolences to Solene’s family, friends, and the entire fishing community of Langebaan. We shall forever cherish her dedication and commitment to the plight of small-scale fishers in South Africa, and her infinite care for all those around her.

Rest in power Solene, you will never be forgotten and your legacy lives on forever.

“I will always remember her, she was an inspiration to us all” Andre Cloete, Chairperson Coastal Links Western Cape

“Auntie Solene was like a mother, a sister and also a friend. Rest in peace Solene we know she is in a better place” Walter Steenkamp, Coastal Links Northern Cape.

“Solene’s steadfast commitment must and will always be remembered. The fishing communities nationwide have lost a great leader, so have fishing communities all over the world. Solene is our hero in fishing communities. We will remember her in the future and forward. We know that addressing the exploitation of small-scale fishers was your main priority. Sleep tight sis. You are with us and we stay with you and your fight will continue until our communities reach it. For Solene’s family and community members my deepest condolences. We stand together” Naseegh Jaffer from Masifundise.

“We have now lost 2 leaders from Langebaan, Solene always made us laugh and always had something to share with our communities. My weskus vrou dai.” Sarah Niemand Coastal links Buffeljagsbaai.

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