Masifundise mourns the passing of its Board member Joe Thembikile Ndike. His funeral was held on 25 September 2022.

Joe was a founding member of Masifundise way back in the 1980’s. But even before this he was committed to fighting for the rights of historically poor and marginalised communities in South Africa. He has a well-known history of involvement of peoples struggles at local and national level.

For the last 20 years this commitment extended to rural fishing communities country wide. Joe understood what was needed to organise communities to fight for their rights and against oppression. And he brought this understanding into the birth and work of Coastal Links where he was a regular attendee in workshops and other critical events.

As a Trustee of Masifundise Joe also served on the Board of the Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE). The TCOE was a key voice for communities who lost access to their land due to colonialism and apartheid. Land for agrarian communities is a source of life and livelihood. This was close to the heart and belief system that Joe had.

Joe was also kind hearted and would always share anything with people who was in needed. He defended the dignity of all people when it was under threat or abused.

“No one one should go hungry or without a decent roof because of the colour of their skin” was the motto he lived up to.

We will always remember Joe and are grateful for the time and energy that he brought to the work of Masifundise. We are proud to have had him as part of our work and history.

We are grateful to his family for have given him the time to spend with us and our communities. We all mourn with them.

But above all, Comrade Joe was a true warrior in the fight for justice and equality. And this principle will live with us forever.

It is now time for him to rest.

Hamba Kahle Comrade Joe Ndiki we at Masifundise salutes you.

Hamba Kahle.


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