Masifundise condemns the human rights violations against the Palestinian people in Gaza following 7 October 2023. Specifically, we stand in solidarity with the fisherfolk in the Gaza strip whose right to food and the ability to feed their families have been violated by illegal Israeli restrictions.

The Gaza fisherfolk have been subjected to violations against them since Israel’s occupation of the Gaza strip. Some of these violations include, the seizure of boats, preventing them from accessing the ocean and specific fishing zones. Additionally, individuals have reported being chased, harassed and even killed by Israeli forces. This puts the lives and well-being of coastal communities under threat as they are dependent the ocean resources for a livelihood.

Deliberate starvation of citizens is barbaric, it should never be used as a tactic in any conflict situation.

Masifundise calls for:

  • A ceasefire and call for the protection of fisherfolk and Palestinian people against the violations of their human rights and right to livelihood.
  • They fish as part of their culture and for food and nutrition. This is a basic right as provided for in the UN Human Rights Charter and demands immediate attention from the international community.

Other statements from civil society organisations that Masifundise supports:

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