Masifundise has joined the broad-based movement of the Peoples Vaccine Campaign.

This campaign that is endorsed by over 500 organisations and individuals looks at the equitable access and distribution of the vaccines in South Africa. It also aims to dispel the myths and mistrust surrounding the vaccine.

Organisational endorsements of the PVC include Equal Education, Trust for Community Outreach and Education, Black Sash, Amandla Collective, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Institute for Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), UWC, Legal Resources Centre and many others.

Through its involvement, Masifundise will facilitate the participation of the small-scale fishing community from across South Africa.

“Our government’s poor record of public service delivery, widespread corruption and mismanagement, as well as the profiteering by the pharmaceutical industry, private healthcare and other corporate interests are key contributors to the dire state of our health system, as well as risks to the equitable vaccine access required. Recent lack of transparency about the vaccine plans and delays in securing access to supplies have built little trust,” said the C19 Coalition.

The campaign includes building pressure on the national government, addressing Trade related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and intellectual property, mobilising civil society to demand meaningful and adequate representation, and combating the wave of anti-vaccine disinformation. This is a call to action for civil society and workers’ formations to join the campaign.

“Fishers have suffered very much during this pandemic not only have their livelihoods almost collapsed but they have died as a result of the virus. That is why the vaccine is very important in our communities. We have lost so many loved ones we cannot afford to lose any more. The vaccine is giving us an opportunity to save our people,” says Clarence Olifant, a fisher from Vanderkloof.

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