On 15-18 February, the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) and the Technical Services for Community Development (TESCOD) hosted the IYAFA: Celebrating Sustainable and Equitable Small-Scale Fisheries African Workshop in Accra, Ghana. The workshop included 40 participants from community-based organizations, national and international fishworker organizations, networks of women in fisheries, and civil society organizations from across Africa.

The three-day workshop sought to strengthen and acknowledge small-scale fisheries’ crucial contributions to global food security and nutrition, the importance of access rights in the sector, social development and gender equality.

The workshop examined threats impacting small-scale fishing communities and their right to food. It highlighted the commodification of natural resources through the extractive development of the blue economy. The workshop also created an important platform for women across different countries to share the struggles, opportunities and successes as women in small-scale fisheries. 

“The African workshop was an important moment of reflection on small-scale fisheries in the continent. We took stock of the challenges but also used the moment to collectively strategise around national and regional solutions that would benefit SSF and protect their livelihood activities. Workshops such as these are incredibly important in strengthening alliances between African countries,” said workshop participant, Sibongiseni Gwebani from Masifundise.

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