The World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) together with a number of organisations has produced a report on Ocean Grabbing, in order to create awareness on the direct impacts caused by the practice.

The report, titled “Blue Carbon: Ocean Grabbing in Disguise?” is based on a meeting that was organised by WFFP, the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers during the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris in 2015.

According to WFFP, Blue Carbon is a false solution which dispossesses fisherfolk of coastal and inland resources across the world. WFFP also says that the purpose of discussing Blue Carbon as ocean grab in disguise is to necessitate the importance of fisher people’s control over land and water resources in the pursuit of climate justice.

Ocean Grabbing is not confined to the oceans – as the term may suggest. It is essentially about the grabbing of marine and land natural resources that small-scale fishers depend on for their livelihoods and food sovereignty.

The express aim of Blue Carbon is the protection of wetlands areas, especially mangroves and sea grass areas because of the ability of such ecosystems to act as carbon sinks. This often works to the detriment of small-scale fishers, peasants and indigenous people.

The WFFP report is being distributed world-wide.

Read the report here:



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