Governments and corporations around the world have huge propaganda machineries to promote their aims and objectives and, sometimes, to conceal their nefarious activities.

Everyone wants to get their message out, to as vast an audience as possible.

Masifundise and Coastal Links have been building and expanding its communications network for the last two years. Using multi-media platforms, MDT and CLSA is spreading its own strong message; it is a good, positive one; that small-scale fishers have a fundamental human right to have sustainable livelihoods.

MDT and CLSA have pursued this vision by promoting progressive legislation and empowering fishing communities through united action.

The activities, programmes and aspirations of fishers have been made public through social media, articles in mainstream publications and this weekly electronic newsletter, called The Hook.

In addition, a range of publications have been produced, from a quarterly newsletter in four languages and information brochures to annual reports and handbooks.

A highlight of the communication unit’s work in 2014 was its efforts around the World Forum of Fisher People’s General Assembly, held in South Africa in September.

“We combined our platforms with those of the WFFP to publicise the conference and its contents, both here and abroad,” said Mansoor Jaffer, head of the communications unit.

Nosipho Singiswa, also a member of the communication team said there were plans afoot to strengthen the media and communication work in 2015.

“Currently we are working on expanding the footprint and impact of our weekly electronic newsletter, so that it can become and important source of information to the fishers, our partners, NGOs and the general public,” she said.

In order to get information from MDT or CLSA, please contact:

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