Masifundise is deeply saddened by the passing of Peter Cyril Jones. He passed away on Tuesday, 15 February 2023 after suffering a stroke at his home. Peter, or ‘PC’ as he was commonly known, was not only a political activist and comrade but was also the founding trustee and long-standing member of the Masifundise board.

Peters’ activist journey began when he became part of the establishment of the first South African Students Organsisation (SASO) branch at the University of the Western Cape. In 1969, he attended a national SASO conference at the University of Natal and this is where he had his first encounter with many of the national leadership, including Steve Biko.

In 1972, Peter joined the first branch of the Black People’s Convention (BPC) in the Western Cape and served as its Treasurer as well as its Regional Organiser. Through working with this organisation, his relationship with Steve Biko become a close working relationship and friendship between the two.

Peter was committed to fighting against the apartheid regime and violations against human rights. Later in his life, he was largely involved in community development work. In 1980, Peter was a founding trustee on the Masifundise board and remained an active member for until his health challenges set in around 2019. He fought for small-scale fishers to assert their fishing and livelihoods rights  on the western coastline. He was instrumental in extending this struggle to all small-scale fishing communities nationally.

“PC was a giant in supporting the rights and dignity of marginalised fishing communities. His encouraging smile always suggested “don’t give up”! This has become a motto in our work” reflected Naseegh Jaffer from Masifundise.

There will be an official Provincial commemoration service for him on Friday, 10 March 2023, 10:30 for 11:00 up until 13:00 at St George’s Cathedral and anyone can attend.

His passing is a loss for us in small-scale fishing communities. And in our hearts, we extend our deepest sympathy and sorrow to his family, friends and comrades during this difficult time.

PC, we salute you and we appreciate your contributions. It is now time for you to rest knowing that we have the power and commitment to fight on. You will always be acknowledged and remembered …

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