Gunter Yandari, a fisherman from the Amazon region of Peru has invented a fishing method that conserves marine life and the ocean.

Yandari, from Datem del Marañon province, uses a sustainable and productive fishing method to catch his fish.

The technique uses a wide-meshed net that gets tossed into the water to enclose the fish in a circular space. Once this is done, the net gets shaken to get the fish moving and not long after, the fish are caught in the net and ready to take home.

The wide-meshed nets ensure that only large fish get caught, ensuring others are able to survive and reproduce.

The method contributes to the protection of habitats and species that are under threat. This secures livelihoods for small-scale fishers.

Previously, local fishing communities would use poisons and even dynamite to catch fish more easily, but they were unable to sell their product in the market place. The new technique will not only help local fishermen to sell a quality product but also protect the environment.

With the help of the Fund for the Promotion of Peruvian Natural Protected Areas (Profonanpe), the technique is now being widely used by indigenous people.

Profonanpe helped the fishing communities obtain licences and permits for their activities and provided the local fishers with training in techniques to improve the productivity in bio-business but also conservation of the ocean.

Eco-friendly initiatives such as this prevent further harm to the planet.

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