Wednesday, 26 February 2014


This weekly update provides short bits of information on the work of Masifundise Development Trust (MDT) and Coastal Links South Africa (CLSA). It appears every Wednesday.Global Forum and Expo on Family Farming

A Global Forum and Expo takes place in Budapest, Hungary next week, which will examine the issue of small-scale food production.

MDT’s Director Naseegh Jaffer will attend as a member of one of the committees working with the World Forum of Fisher People.

The conference, scheduled for 4 to 6 March 2014, is being co-hosted by the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The UN declared 2014 the year of family farming. Various stakeholders believe that this should incorporate family fishing. The conference will discuss this issue, among others.

The forum, under the theme or context of “International Year of Family Farming”, aims to underline the central role that family farming plays in achieving global and local food security, as well as ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.

Click here to read more on family farming:

Click here to read more abut the Global Forum and Expo on Family Farming to be held in Budapest from 4-6 March 2014:

Small-Scale Fisheries Policy our concern

The South Africa Commercial Line Fish Association has applied to the High Court to review the long term and sector specific fishing allocations. The court has made an initial decision that this application must be heard on 14 March 2014. Until such tie, existing holders can continue to fish.

MDT and CLSA will support any process that leads to a just and equitable allocation of fishing rights. We will oppose any process that delays the implementation of the small-scale fisheries policy which enjoys wide support and will introduce a new chapter for the sector.

The Small-Scale fisheries policy gives legal recognition to fishers in this sector for the first time, sets aside specific fishing zones for the sector and allows for collective rights rather than the destructive individual quotas of the past.

Click here to read MDT and CLSA thoughts on the policy, MLRA, interim relief and the allocation process:

Interns start at Masifundise

Five Cape Peninsula University of Technology Public Relations students began an internship at Masifundise this week.

They are Karina Shilongo, Kholiwe Matsebula, Bongiwe Mbetse, Chanelle Mc Allister, Ridotshila Maguga.

They are to work at Masifundise every Wednesday for much of the day on key areas relating to their course, such as writing, media relations, publications, media monitoring, etc. They will be supervised by the Head of the Communications Unit, Mansoor Jaffer.

The students will be with Masifundise for a year.

“Empowerment is a central part of our ethos,” said Mansoor Jaffer. “It is thus important that we contribute to the development of the country’s young students”.

“They will make valuable contributions to the work of the Communications Unit,” he said.

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