We present to you the first edition of our quarterly newsletter for 2013.

We have just emerged from our 2013 Annual General Meeting – the biggest in our history – and the first since the launch of Coastal Links as a national organisation.

Speaking at the AGM, the Chairperson of the Board of Masifundise Development Trust, Mr Monelo George Bongo, paid a warm tribute to the all the members of Coastal Links and staff members of Masifundise Development Trust for taking the two formations to new heights.

Our focus is now on implementing the small-scale fisheries policy which was adopted after we campaigned for six long years.

We want the authorities to treat it with the utmost urgency. Sustainable livelihoods for small-scale fishers has to be made a reality. This edition reflects on our AGM, the growth of Coastal Links, our global work and the small-scale fisheries policy. We pay tribute to Mr Zolile Ndindwa, a Masifundise trustee who died in a motor vehicle accident early this year.

We also provide information about general developments in the fishing industry. Please read through the information in Fisher’s Net, which is available in four languages – xhosa, afrikaans, zulu and english. More details on the respective stories appear on our website and Facebook page, for those who have access.

Spread the word by ensuring that as many fisher folk as possible get to read the publication and that we also make it available to community members. We have come into this year bigger, stronger and more united. Through our vision and even greater unity we can bring about huge changes in our lives and in the lives of fishing communities around the country.

Vol.18 (May/June 2013)

VissersNet (Afrikaans)
FishersNet (English)
FishersNet (Xhosa)
FishersNet (Zulu)

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