Illegal catching and selling of cray fish in the quaint village of Paternoster has been on the rise. According to reports hundreds of thousands of crayfish are harvested each year and their tailless bodies dumped at sea. In 2006, the national west coast rock lobster population was estimated at 2.6 percent of its pristine level.

Paternoster is one fishing village where this illegal catching takes place. There are small-scale fishers involved but overfishing by commercial companies also lead to the decline of the species.

The article titled ‘Real-estate-apartheid’, written by Simon De Kreef follows a Small-Scale fisher in the fishing village of Paternoster. It also examines the number of catalysts leading to the illegal catching and selling of crayfish.

In the Article Naseegh Jaffer, Director of Masifundise is quotes as saying “The Paternoster fishing community is being replaced by a holiday community.”

“The traditional fishing lifestyle has been commodified for marketing purposes, but cannot be sustained. Gentrification in Paternoster has come at the expense of local livelihoods and culture.”

The article was published in the Hakai Magazine, April 18, 2016.

Read it here:

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