On the 12 of March 2018, the General Meeting of the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) will start in Cape Town.  The IPC Sovereignty is an autonomous and self-organised global platform of small-scale food producers and rural workers organizations and grass root/community based social movements to advance the Food Sovereignty agenda at the global and regional level.

The General Meeting, held every three years, is the space where the international and regional social movements members of the IPC come together to create strategies and agree on the political lines developed around Food Sovereignty.  In the occasion of the General Meeting, the global and regional organizations share their experiences and struggles, building solidarity and coordination.

This year, the IPC General Meeting will be hosted by Masifundise, in Cape Town.  More than 80 people, coming from over 30 countries and representing peasants and farmers, fisherfolks, pastoralists, consumers, urban poors, women and youth will participate in the meeting.

Masifundise has also invited several local social movements and civil society organizations to take part in the meeting. This will be an important opportunity to connect the local struggles for Food Sovereignty to the global and regional process, to share experiences and strategies and to build links and solidarity with food producers and activists that will gather in Cape Town from all over the world.

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