Masifundise, a civil society organization with a 17-year track record in working with small-scale fishing communities across South Africa, seeks to appoint a consultant/consultancy team to conduct a Final Evaluation of the overall outputs, results, impact, management and, lessons derived from the overall implementation of a three-year project, funded by the European Union (the EU-Action), in alignment with agreed upon objectives, activities, and expected results. The objectives of the EU-Action are the creation of job opportunities, securing sustainable livelihoods through the implementation of Small-scale Fishery (SSF) Policy adopted by government in 2012, and building the capacity of 20 targeted small-scale coastal fishing communities located in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Provinces.

One of the key factors affecting the implementation of the EU-Action as originally conceptualized and designed and, identified as key constraint by the Mid-Term Evaluation undertaken in 2017), was the unanticipated lengthy delay on the part of DAFF to implement its planned roll-out of the SSF Policy which only began in early 2016. This resulted in an adjustment to the original EU-Action in August 2017, with the endorsement of the EU, to take this reality into account.

The Final Evaluation needs to take the Mid-Term Evaluation’s findings and recommendations as the starting point for evaluating the overall and specific objectives, results, and outputs of the EU-Action. The final evaluation will need to apply both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to assess the preparedness of fishers for policy implementation and, assess the extent to which the fishing communities have participated in action activities and accessed information materials produced during the lifespan of the EU-Action.

Purpose of the Final Evaluation

 The Final Evaluation needs to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, relevance and sustainability of the EU-Action, as well as surfacing intended and unintended results and key lessons and learnings derived from the overall implementation period   (2015-2018).  


The time span of the final evaluation is negotiable between Masifundise and the consultancy. However, efforts should be made to complete the evaluation within 8 weeks from the signing of the contract.

Skills and requirements

Masifundise is looking for an experienced consultant or consultancy team. The criteria for selecting the best qualified consultant/ consulting firm/institute will include:

  • a track record of conducting external evaluations and, preferably but not necessarily, familiar with the requirements on undertaking EU-funded projects
  • experience of working in rural communities;
  • some knowledge on the small-scale fisheries sector, preferred.
  • fluency in written and spoken English and fluency in spoken Afrikaans, IsiXhosa and IsiZulu.

Employment Equity: The Service provider will be procured according to the Masifundise Procurement Procedures in compliance with the Rules for Procurement by Grant Beneficiaries in the Context of European Union External Act.

How to Apply

You are invited to send a written proposal and projected budget to: no later than close of business, on Friday, 25 May 2018. Detailed TOR also available from Michelle Joshua at the same email address.

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