This weekly update provides short bits of information on the work on the work of Masifundise Development Trust and Coastal Links South Africa. It will appear every Wednesday.

Centane Open Day

The small-scale fishing (SSF) policy, adopted by  cabinet last year, and the plan to implement it, will come under the spotlight at a CLSA Open Day in Centane.
The event is hosted by CLSA and MDT. It will take place at Wavecrest, near the Wavecrest Hotel in Centane, on Thursday 10 October 2013, from 10am to 1pm.

The programme for the day is aimed at showcasing the work of CLSA and MDT and promoting and    lobbying for the implementation of the SSF policy.

Provincial and national CLSA leaders are expected to  attend as well as small-scale fishers from Centane and surrounding areas. Also invited are a range of  government and civil society stakeholders.

Included in the programme will be the introduction of MDT and CLSA, the experiences and activities of Eastern Cape fishers, a presentation highlighting the importance of women in fisheries, a presentation by the CLSA     chairperson and a declaration pertaining to Marine    Protected Areas, taken by the CLSA members in Durban in June 2013.

Masifundise, CLSA head to parliament

The Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is currently hearing submissions from   stakeholders on amendments to the Marine Living  Resources Act (MLRA).

A delegation yesterday, 8 October, heard the submissions made by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). On 15 or 16 October, MDT and CLSA will make their own  submission on the amendments.

Details of the submission will be posted on our  website and Facebook site closer to the time.

Hawston Imbizo

A Ministers Imbizo will be hosted in Hawston, Western Cape by DAFF on Thursday 10 October 2013.

Small-scale fishers from the South Coast have been invited to attend.  The imbizo is targeted at people from Pearly Beach, Hawston, Struisbaai, Arniston, Kleinmond and other areas in the Overberg region.

The message and the media

CLSA and MDT is constantly expanding its communication networks, both internal and external.

The weekly update has now been added to an arsenal of publications, including the quarterly newsletter Fishers Net, an information brochure, an annual report and a Pan African Newsletter.

Communication is exchanged through social media and via our growing network of contact. Recently, a mass leaflet focusing on the SSF policy and outlining the  opportunities and challenges involved in the implementation process was distributed country wide.

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