Bona fide fishers who have registered to be part of the Small-Scale sector are urged to appeal if they find that they have not qualified to benefit from the Small-Scale Fisheries Policy.

DAFF is currently embarking on a process of accepting appeals from the Northern Cape Province. The announcement was made last week, September 16. Those who want to appeal have a 30-day period to appeal and the period for the NC fishers commenced on the 26 of August when the provisional lists was announced.

The department says that the appeals can only be made once the department has announced the successful fisher list to the community. Forms should be handed to the local fishery Development worker with supporting documents which are noted in the form.

To date, DAFF confirmed that over 23 000 people have responded to their call of registering as fishers. According to a statement on Facebook, 316 communities submitted an expression of interest to be verified and registered as small-scale fishers by the department.

“In all the four coastal provinces, the registration and verification process went fairly well. The Northern Cape was the first province where we finished the verification process. We assessed all the applicants there and provisional lists have been announced to the communities on the 25th and 26th of August,” wrote DAFF.

“We have also opened an appeals process for a period of 30 days from those dates in the affected communities,” the post continued.

The Provisional lists for qualifying fishers is yet to be announced for other communities.

To obtain the appeal form, in English, Afrikaans or Zulu click on this link:


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