The debate surrounding the perfect rights allocation system for small-scale fishers has been a tug of “war” between those advocating for a human based rights approach and those in favour of property rights.

Rights Based Approach is an approach that is centred around and promotes the use of ‘private property’ as a fundamental basis for user rights in fisheries, while the Human Rights approach underpinning principles include equality, indigenous people’s rights, food sovereignty, gender equity, poverty alleviation for all, customary and traditional rights, traditional low-impact fishing, and participation in governance.

On February 1, Too Big To Ignore will host a web debate on “Human rights vs property rights” and four speakers will debate and give their perspectives on the question– which of these (Human Right or property rights) truly promotes sustainable SSF?

The web debate will start at 11:41 (South African time) and no prior registration is needed for one to join.

To join and take part on the debate click here:

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