Women’s Leadership

‘If you strike a woman, you strike a rock, If you value a woman, you value a community’, Women’s Network Regional Workshop, 2-4 May 2006

Key Objectives

  • To make visible and acknowledge the roles played by women in sustaining and nurturing our coastal communities
  • To understand the obstacles to women’s development within our communities
  • To explore some of the tools and strategies for promoting women’s development and well being
  • To raise awareness about some of the national and international legal instruments and structures that promote and protect women’s rights and development
  • To plan the 16 Days Campaign for the year ahead
  • To network, treat women and have fun!


This workshop adopts a holistic approach to understanding women’s rights and their development.  We need to look after all parts of ourselves – physically, socially, psychologically and spiritually to create healthy, sustainable communities.  The health of our communities and our environment is integrally related to our own inner health and well being.  Women undertake a great deal of the nurturing in our families and communities.  A ‘nurturing’ approach to development is a sustainable approach.  This workshop aims to introduce this approach into all our work.

We will be working with our Heads, our Hearts and our Hands.

Heads: increasing our knowledge and making visible what we do already know about women’s human rights, their needs and interests
Hearts: Exploring and acknowledging what is in our hearts and the emotional loads that some of us carry
Skills: Examining our skills and learning new skills to cope and to promote women’s development

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