logo13 February 2012
Coastal Links SA has held its first National Executive Committee meeting since it became a national organisation in November 2012.
The meeting took place on 11 and 12 February in Durban and was attended by representatives from the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal. Staff members of Masifundise were also present. Chairperson Christian Adams described the meeting as very successful and that it took place in a good spirit.

Some of the issues that came under discussion include:
• Strengthening Coastal Links and managing the transition from a provincial to a national organisation.
• Developing a deeper understanding of Small Scales Fisheries policies
• Advocating for the implementation of fisheries policy for small-scale fishers
• Empowering members with greater skills and political awareness
• Making the organisation financially self-sustainable in the long term.

Adams said it was important that Coastal Links works with government departments and other partners to ensure that officials develop a new culture that is biased to people over tourism or commercial interests.

“We call on all our members to work together to strengthen Coastal Links so that we are able to advance our aims of providing sustainable livelihoods for fishing communities”.

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